Meet Grace and Griffin of Dear Table Farm

We are Grace and Griffin, Farmers of Dear Table Farm. Grace grew up in Skagit Valley here in WA while Griffin grew up in small town Connecticut. We met in Seattle working for a farm focused tech startup.  It was clear we both wanted to be on the other side of the computer.  We used to facetime after work and show each other our backyard gardens, geeking out together over plants + flowers.  We were sending each other links to farm after farm and even started a shared document titled: “Future Farm Ideas” where we would paste websites, photos + ideas.  It became clear that we were on the same path and after some time, we made the leap and began making it happen. We took courses on sustainable agriculture in the evenings, and then started an applied farming program in the Skagit Valley.  The first day of the program, we left feeling so giddy, already scheming + dreaming about the future of our farm.  Today, we are thrilled to be farming together and on this journey.  We are the most passionate people we know, and that’s what sets us apart.  Dear Table Farm is a dream we chased together, and one we cannot wait to share with others.  It won’t stop here.  We have plans, hopes, + visions to evolve as a business and a farm.  To build a community of local food lovers + seekers, and to help make quality grown food get into the hands of more people. 


We love food. The taste, the purpose, the healing + the power that good, quality food can do for us.  It’s influential in terms of our health and wellness, and aside from that, fosters relationships and builds community.  We both want to help make food + meals become special, not a rushed, haphazard take out meal on the go every night..  We spend a lot of time preparing meals because it’s something that we recognize as valuable time for our souls, our relationship, and makes us generally happier people!! 

The story of our name “Dear Table Farm” comes from the significance of the table bringing people together…usually shared over a meal. We wanted to express our appreciation and love to the space that has fostered memories, conversations, and sparked connections and relationships.  

Growing food for others is the driving force for us.

What is your favorite fruit and/or vegetable? 

Garlic is our favorite veggie! The whole process of growing garlic is pretty fascinating as well as it makes everything taste better! 

Our ideal meal  is a sandwich on Griffin’s fresh sourdough focaccia- think lettuce, tomato, onion straight from the farm, local meat and cheese, on focaccia fresh out of the oven…it’s delish. 

Favorite Recipe:

We LOVE Josh McFadden’s Six Season cookbooks. It is a great resource to encourage local eating, and makes it easy to find a delicious recipe in any season. A recent favorite from his newer book on grains is the Creamy Mushroom Potato and Wild Rice Soup with Paprika and Dill… It’s comfort in a bowl especially if you can find local mushrooms + potatoes to use!! 

Every time we try a new recipe of his, we find ourselves saying, “wow, this might be the best meal we’ve ever eaten.”

You can find them here or @DearTableFarm on Instagram. 

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