About Freddie's Larder

What do you think about when you think about food? For us it's often steeped in memories of meals with family and friends. That combined with a deep love of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest as well as a passion for community connection is what drives us at Freddie's Larder.

  • Grandpa George & Fred

  • Meet Freddie

    Great Uncle Fred (Grandpa Freddie as we called him) and his wife, my Great Aunt, Billie, lived in Vancouver, Washington. Most of my core food memories come from visiting that house growing up or our yearly trips to the coast to be with my moms family. Some of my favorite childhood recipes (and now comfort food as an adult) come from my Grandma Fran or Grandma Billie. Grandpa Fred grew beautiful tomatoes in his garden in Vancouver amoung other things and it was instilled in me really early on not to eat tomatoes out of season.

  • Freddie & Billie

What We Do

We partner directly with farmers, as well as partners at our local food hubs to procure the best seasonal produce for our weekly bags. In addition we source local pantry goods and add-ons (sometimes from Portland too because they are, basically a slightly funkier version of Seattle after all) to help enhance the weekly selection and hopefully spark a little joy/ introduce you to someone new.

Each week we bring you new recipe inspiration from some of our favorites recipes from cookbooks, the internet, folks in the community and our guest chefs. Most of the recipes are centered around weeknight cooking but you may find an occasional baked good or challenge throw in their too. Some weeks will be a multiple components to a meal and some will be multiple recipes centered around the contents of the bag to give you countless ways to cook what's in season .

We pride ourselves on working with small farms, often women, BIPOC or LGBTQ owned when we can.

The earth is important to us and our bags (which are cleaned each week) and much of our packaging can be returned to us to be reused and/or recycled. We will even take the rubber bands back!

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This business is dedicated in memory of Grandpa George, Uncle Dean, Uncle Mike and of course Robbie but especially to Grandma Fran, Grandma Billie and Grandpa Fred.