• Amplify Others

    By buying from us you are supporting hours of labor, time, creativity and the innovation of others. We think their stories are important as is giving them a platform.

  • Build Community

    Community comes from:

    • food
    • connection
    • tradition and rituals
    • a collective passion for having a positive impact
  • Do everything with joy (and a little bit of chaos).

    We love what we do and we get excited by every vegetable, jar of jam and new customer and we hope to pass that excitment to our customers. We also accept we aren't always in control (especially early in the morning without coffee).

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Our Mission

We are commited to providing the best local and seasonal food and (recipe inspiration) to feed yourself and others. We will build an ever evolving and growing collective from the community to inspire us, to teach us and are commited to telling their story because we want you to know who grows and makes your food! We are commited to give back when we can whether it be donating food or funds, or partnering with non-profits in the area to help improve food access and education.

  • Dear Table Farm

    "Dear Table Farm is a dream we chased together, and one we cannot wait to share with others.  It won’t stop here.  We have plans, hopes, + visions to evolve as a business and a farm.  To build a community of local food lovers + seekers, and to help make quality grown food get into the hands of more people. "

    Meet Grace and Griffin 
  • Bake Shop

    "The reason I’ve stayed in the industry is because I’m constantly inspired by it. From food systems and working with our local farmers to the creativity and FLAVORS, it’s just the best.  We all need food to survive, yet it also brings so much joy and satisfaction, and that bonds people. "

    Meet Krista 
  • Grass Becomes A Wave

    " I grew up in 2 insane food cities—Los Angeles and Tokyo, so I was spoiled from the get-go. My mom’s a stellar chef with incredible taste, and eating what she cooked and watching her relationship with food informed mine as well. I love how different cuisines tell us a story about the history of the world and how we’re all connected."

    Meet Priscilla 

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