Our Partners

We are incredibly lucky to work with a number of orginazations and companies in the area. Sometimes this entails working to creativly offer a rendetion of our current products or sometimes we come together and create something new, together.

Most of the folks we work with embody similar values to us but all of us work to bring joy, and food to the community.

Rainier Valley Health and Birth Center

We are incredibly lucky to be able to be partnered with Ranier Valley Health and Birth Center. We are working with the team to provide a nutrition program for their patients and the community around them that includes education and access to fresh produce and seasonal eating. This is an evolving project so stay tuned for updates!

Rainier Valley Health and Birth Center Mission:

We envision a world where all pregnant people and families have equitable access to high quality, compassionate, and culturally relevant healthcare.

Get Connected!

Peace Vans

We partner with Peace Vans to bring an "in-van" experience while you are on the road. When you go on a trip whether it be guided or not, you can purchase a bag of ours for the road filled with treats for you and your traveling friends.

About Peace Vans:

Connection, community, and the great outdoors. Peace Vans is a family of four businesses, focused on getting you outside - experiencing life in new and profound ways. In 2013, our team took over what was then a small and struggling Peace Vans shop, but one with lots of potential.

While we are first and foremost mechanics, we also consider our mission to be simpler—we make people happy. Every single day, we see our shop customers driving away with smiles on their faces, headed out for adventures, or just daily commuting in one of the most versatile and fun vehicles ever created.

We’re passionate about our community and making this world a better place. Check out just some of the non-profits we donate to on our blog.

Travel With Peace Vans