• Lauren

    Owner of Freddie's Larder. An all around lover of art and food (except for beets). You can learn more here.

  • Leah

    Leah is the original employee of Freddie's and its previous iterations. She is a sculptor and artist outside of the food world and a wealth of recipes and knowledge.

  • Karissa

    Karissa is the go-to for all things website and a social media fill-in when needed. A bundle of joy and a heck of a storyteller to boot.

  • Drew

    Anytime Drew goes to meet someone for a pick-up we get feedback that he is the nicest person they've ever met. A ball of enegery and an incredibly talented film maker and artist.

  • Stacey

    The newest member of our team who makes our Eastside deliveries possible. A wonderful human whose patience and warm personality is greatly appreciated.

  • Michael

    Michael is our unoffical mascot and a beloved and begrudging memeber of the team.