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Apolis Tea

Apolis Tea

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Based in Sumner, Washington Apolis Tea is a husband and wife team (Aubrey and Alex) who make a dizzying assortment of teas that we adore. They met 13 years ago and have over 25 year of tea knowledge between them. They make a point to work with producers who work with interesting cultivars and use biodynamic or organic farming techniques and are certified organic. 

We will be featuring seasonal teas (iced tea, chai's, holiday blends etc.) and carry a set of of basics and rotating blends for you to enjoy. 


Earl Gray Sweet Cream

Flavor: vanilla, cream, citrus

We fused bright citrusy bergamot with creamy vanilla and just a touch of orange blossom in this black tea blend to create a totally different cup of Earl Grey. Caffeinated. 

Irish Breakfast

Flavor: burly, malty, brisk

A classic Irish Breakfast tea: hearty and malty with a full body designed to stand up to breakfast. Despite its strength, the coppery-red cup has a surprisingly brisk, clean finish so you can appreciate this tea with or without milk and sugar. Caffeinated. 


Flavor: chamomile, rose, nectar, lemongrass

A sweet, floral blend of chamomile, rose, orange blossom, and a touch of lemongrass. It brews a medium-bodied cup that is fragrant and warm, just like a summer night. Blended with 88% organic ingredients. Decaffeinated.


Flavor: mint, honey, flowers

What goes best with minty green tea? Honey! While we couldn't add actual honey, our tiny (but mighty!) osmanthus flowers have a honey-like flavor. Paired with a touch of orange blossom, this blend is light with a flowery aftertaste. 90% organic ingredients. Caffeinated. 

Genmai Cha  

Flavor: toasty, vegetal, grains

A blend of organic Japanese green tea & toasted rice that was popularized in Japan during World War II when civilians added rice to their tea to stretch the supply. This fragrant blend has a fresh green flavor that contrasts nicely with savory toasted rice. Low in caffeine, it goes well with meals. Caffeinated. 

Jars contain 12 biodegradable pyramid tea bags and are powder coated glass mason jars

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